The First Residents of Jamestown On May 13, 1607 three English ships the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery with approximately 144 settlers and sailors, will land and plant the first permanent English colony in North America. Established by the Virginia Company of London this settlement would be called Jamestown, after king James I.
In the early 6th century Ambrosius Aurelianus headed the resistance against the Anglo-Saxon invaders. It is believed that under the Ambrosius leadership Wansdyke was constructed...

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Dec 25, 2020 · VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Fire crews responded to the 3500 block of Sandra Lane early Christmas morning for a residential fire. Dispatchers received the call around 1:30 a.m. Upon arrival ...
Nov 10, 2020 · Jamestown Colony, first permanent English settlement in North America, located near present-day Williamsburg, Virginia. Financed and organized by the Virginia Company, the colony was originally a private venture that had been granted a royal charter by King James I. In 1624 it became a royal colony.

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New Virginia Old Settlers is the annual Town Festival hosted the second... See more of New Virginia Old Settlers on Facebook.
Virginia settlers and English adventurers;: Abstracts of wills, 1484-1798, and legal proceedings, 1560-1700, relating to early Virginia families. With an added pref. to the American ed Hardcover - January...

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Sep 01, 2018 · All of the early settlers in 1607 were men and boys, including laborers, carpenters, bricklayers, a blacksmith, a barber, a tailor, a mason and a preacher.
Henrich Settler, Frederick Township near Falckner Swamp (Montgomery County). February 1, 1752 Johann Ludwig Spiesz, tailor, near Lancaster. Conrad Reich, Shenandoah (Virginia). Johann Georg Hoffman, with Henrich Schenck, Conestoga (Lancaster County). Johann Henrich Weidman, care of Huber, Conestoga (Lancaster County).

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Early Chesapeake Families. The Early Chesapeake DNA Project was established by Sara Lewis to promote research of the early settelers of the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia and Maryland.
Settlers of Maryland, 1701-1730 Ancestry . Settlers of Maryland, 1731-1750 Ancestry . Settlers of Maryland, 1751-1765 Ancestry . Settlers of Maryland, 1766-1783 Ancestry . Some Old Historic Landmarks of Virginia and Maryland : Described in A Hand-Book for the Tourist Over the Washington-Virginia Ancestry . The Bristol Registers of Servants Ancestry

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lished early in the eighteenth cen tury ; and the headright system even then remained in force during the whole colonial period, or until the beginning of the Revolutionary War. The records of land patents m Virginia begin with the year 1623— that is, seventeen years after the founding of the first permanent English settlement in America at

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Early Settlers in Virginia Landing and resting at a pleasant point of land between the mouths of the York and James rivers, he named it Point Comfort, and, sailing up the latter stream 50 miles, the colonists landed on the left bank, May 13, 1607, and there founded a settlement and built a village, which they named Jamestown , in compliment to ...

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Elise Greenup Jourdan, author of the well-known 10 volume series, Early Families of Southern Maryland, has turned her focus to the Virginia Tidewater region for her newest series, Early Settlers of Tidewater Virginia.

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